Special Applications

At ALUPLAN, we customise and design our products to suit each job. Distinctive window/door arrangements and looks are our speciality.

Typical Section Details

Curved, arched, faceted and decorative (etchings or sand-blasting) window shapes are possible along with:

  • Canopies
  • Curved Glass
  • Fixed Panels - Large or Small
  • Splashbacks - Coloured
  • Bullet Resistant Glass
  • Double Glazed Units
  • Cladding
  • Pergola

Examples Include: 

Fire Places, Glass Bridge, Curved Glass Walls, Splashbacks, Lift Glazing, Lift Cladding (Glass as well as Aluminium), Aluminium Post Boxes, Furniture.

Double Glazed Windows

The Double Glazed Aluminium Window is functional, safe and versatile. Designed to fit our standard 45 mm casement system and ISO100 series it complies with all AAAMSA regulations.

This unique design not only reduces noise from the outside, but reduces heat loss/energy transfer between the interior and exterior of the building. Energy is saved during the winter and summer months where there is extreme temperatures.

Thermal Break System

Technology combined with high performance, aesthetic appeal and thermal efficiency. This powerful combination makes it the ideal choice for high end projects where the minimisation of heat transfer and condensation is a priority.


Aluminium Cladding is commonly used to create a uniform look and/or add aesthetic design to the columns or areas as required. The Aluminium is normally extruded or specially customised to fit its purpose.

Often it involves aluminium sheeting from 0.9 mm thick to 1.6 mm thick rolled or bent and then powder-coated. Alternatively aluminium composite panels can be used for larger areas. This application is suitable for new buildings, refurbishment, internal and external applications as well. This optically flat, lightweight aluminium cladding system is designed and manufactured to meet the diverse needs of both the architect and client.

Aluminium cladding is often incorporated into designs for its practicality, aesthetic appeal and weather resistant, low maintenance finish.