ISO44 Casement

Casement windows are a common and leading window system providing style, security and versatility. Hence they are a popular choice for new homes and commercial projects. ALUPLAN ARCHITECTURAL ALUMINIUM specialises in creating custom casement units for both new projects and as replacements for older windows. With our superior craftsmanship a wider window section was created to complement the ISO100 series. The traditional 380 series system is improved and uses a square bead to match the ISO100 series. The only difference between the 380 series casement and the ISO44 casement is that the sections used are wider, thicker and stronger. This is the maximum thickness available for window sections at present. The frame has a substantial 44 mm 'platform width' - which makes it one of the most robust products on the market. As with the lighter 380 series system, there are various configurations available with the same type of opening sashes possible. Casement (side opening) sashes are also available as an option. These are fitted with stainless steel friction stays and deluxe wedge handles. For an obligation free quote for all your customised glass and aluminium windows, please contact ALUPLAN.

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