ISO100 Sliding Doors & Windows

ALUPLAN specialises in designing, manufacturing and installing custom sliding doors and windows for a wide range of commercial and residential applications using the celebrated ISO 100 series. Our ISO100 sliding doors and windows are functional, reliable and look great while sliding beautifully. We can design and provide anything from an automated sliding door for an office or shop-front to a simple yet stylish door way. ALUPLAN provides high performing sliding doors to suit larger openings in excess of 3 metres high using bottom-roll- ing systems for effortless movement. These units can have steel reinforcing depending on the size and wind loading specifications. Our larger doors are heavier yet still provide easy movement. The heavy duty rollers used are designed to provide effort- less smooth operation and are fabricated using stainless steel making them corrosion resistant. The door panels are 44mm thick ISO 100 series section providing extra strength and allowing normal safety glass up to a maximum 24mm double glazed unit. The box-section frame increases rigidity to provide smooth door running and strength. We can also offer double glazed hinged and sliding -folding doors.

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