ISO100 Doors

ALUPLAN creates a variety of different yet elegant aluminium and glass doors using the ISO 100 Series which are suitable for residential or commercial projects. Hinged Doors Hinged doors are standard items as single or double doors which can be used in residential or businesses. These are typically standard in size, but ALUPLAN manufactures larger ones too and in addition the stable door [this type is divided into two with a top and bottom half]. Swing Doors Pivot doors can be made up to 3 metres high or as wide as 1.5 metres in a single door, or for wider openings a pair of double pivoting doors is a stylish option. Whether you choose a solid framed or frameless door, translucent, clear or tinted glass you cannot go wrong with ALUPLAN ARCHITECTURAL ALUMINIUM. The advantages that a pivot door has over a traditional hinged door are the option of either push out or pull in for easy access in any situation. Pivoting doors can also be manufactured wider than hinged doors creating a more inviting entrance.

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