Folding Doors

ALUPLAN’s stacking slider is the ideal door when you are looking for an economical wide opening door. The doors provide an opening greater than the traditional sliding doors and stack neatly behind one another; out of the way for unimpeded access. The folding doors combine practicality with style and are suitable for a wide range of residential and commercial applications to take advantage of uninterrupted views combined with durability and security. The doors can stack to one side only or, for multiple sec- tions, to both sides. Using the ISO 100 series, the smooth, easy opening and closing is assured with a bottom-rolling system that carries the door weight on the sill instead of at the top of the frame allowing fan-lights [windows] to be coupled above it. ALUPLAN’s folding-sliding doors- stacking system can be manufactured from 2 to 4 panels each, up to 1.2 metres wide per panel. Our Sliding doors can also be coupled to a variety of our other products through use of the ISO 100 Series providing a modern appearance, complemented by its versatility allowing openings up to 8 metres wide. ALUPLAN designs, manufactures and installs all of our doors to ensure that they perfectly match your needs and the style of your home or business For an efficient and practical door that will be of great service for years to come, contact ALUPLAN.

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