Aluplan Shutters

With ALUPLAN shutters you can secure your openings and ensure privacy with shutters that provide ventilation, sun and rain protection as well as security. This product provides an almost impenetrable barrier and deterrent against break-ins. The units are simple yet stylish allowing flexibility of use, without your home looking like a prison. Manufactured from aluminium, the units are resistant to the harsh elements and are suitable for window and doors. For windows these shutters may be hinged to either side of a window and swing closed/open when necessary or they can also be mounted on tracks applied to the face of the building and slide open/closed. The shutters are functional and can be designed for door entrances too where they may be sliding, hinged or sliding folding (concertina). Because of the material and sections used our shutters are often used as doors or gates. The profiles are simple with clean lines and are extremely popular with residential and commercial buildings as they allow air transfer, rain protection, filter direct sunlight and provide privacy. For quotations pleas feel free to contact ALUPLAN.

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