380 Series Casement

ALUPLAN's 380 series casement window system provides weather proof openings which maximise admission of light and the benefits of good weather. The 380 series windows may be used in typical standard and size configurations or be adapted into custom configurations and assemblies. Benefits include: - Standard or custom configurations and sizes. - Weather tight glazing system. - Economic low maintenance extrusions. - Attractive contemporary design. - Optional coated frame work and tinted glazing. - Adjustable ventilation louvres can be incorporated. There are different sash openings: - TOP HUNG: hinges from the top and the sash opens from the bottom outward. - BOTTOM HUNG: hinges from the bottom and the sash opens from the top inwards. - SIDE HUNG: hinges from the sides, and the sash can open from either the left or right. - PIVOT: window opens inward (rotates). The 380 series can be coupled with the ISO100 series. WINDOW SIZES are governed by AAAMSA regulations. Size restrictions are based on practicalities and limited by the standard iron mongery.

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